Q: Do ex-employees count under the 20 caregiver limit?

No, they do not. The 20 caregiver limit only applies to active caregivers. You have the option to set a caregiver’s status any time. If a caregiver leaves, you can set their status to ‘inactive’ and they will not count to your limit.

Q: What happens to documents of caregivers no longer under employment?

No worries. We don’t delete anything. All your caregiver documents, including ex-employees are forever accessible. This is true even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Q: Is there a Free Trial?

Super Caregiving is FREE FOREVER for up to 2 active caregivers. We're confident that you're going to love it. Once you add a 3rd caregiver, it’s just the monthly subscription until you cancel, and this price is good for up to 20 active caregivers. No contracts. No hidden fees.

Q: Can I see a hands-on video of how Super Caregiving works?

Absolutely! We've got a 9-Minute demo video that walks you through the powerful features.

>> Super Reminders Guided Video Tour <<

Q: How do I cancel my paid subscription?

You can cancel your access at any time. You can do this on the Account page inside your account.

Q: How do I upgrade my FREE account to add more caregivers?

If you wish to upgraded add more caregivers to track, simply add a 3rd caregiver and the system will prompt you to upgrade to the PRO plan which include up to 20 caregivers. You can also click on the Account link, then the Subscription tab inside your account and chose the paid plan.

Q: Will my subscription renew at the same price that I signed up with?

Yes, of course. We guarantee that when your subscription renews you will always get the same amazing price that you locked in when you signed up.

Q: As a paid user, do I get all feature updates for free?

Yes. Super Caregiving is powered by an online interface. This means that we're able to keep it up-to-date for all of our users. This also means that you never have to wait for your updates to load and install - it just works. The latest and most advanced version of Super Caregiving is always available to our users.

Q: How difficult is it to use Super Reminders?

We've received so much great feedback from our users that we're really confident Super Caregiving is incredibly easy to use. What's more, there is a "Get Started" video tutorial that will get you up and running.

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