Super Reminders

Caregiver Credential Management

Track caregiver credentials and expiration dates.

Track caregiver continuing education (CE) hours.

We send SMS and email reminders to your caregivers on expiration.

Save a digital copy of all your caregiver certificates in our system

Retrieve them anytime from any computer, tablet, or your phone.

Track everything in ONE PLACE.

Don’t risk citations & lawsuits.



Text Reminders

We email and SMS your caregiver before a credential expires. Never forget or worry about an expiration again.

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Smart Reminders Schedule

Caregivers receive reminders 45 days before expiration. We send them reminders on a schedule until they renew.

As the manager, YOU control when you want to be notified. For example, while the caregiver receives notifications 45 days out, you can customize it to only inform you 10 days before due.



Digital Copies
of your Documents

Save your caregiver credentials into our system. Retrieve and print copies ANYTIME from your phone or computer.

Your data is backed up, encrypted, safe, and secure.


Don’t Risk Citations & Lawsuits

If DSHS found an expired credential in their annual audit, what’s the worse that can happen? Perhaps a slap on the wrist? More likely a citation.

But what if an incident happened in your home and a DSHS investigation revealed you employed non-compliant caregivers during that time?

You can be liable for a substantial lawsuit from a resident’s family because you put their loved one at risk.

Why risk of non-compliance? Super Reminders is like cheap “insurance” against potentially millions in lawsuit liability.

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